Artist statement


Hello, thanks for visiting. My name is Erica Knapp and I am an artist who creates customized fine art, digital services, photography, and illustrations.

I use not only conventional mediums and surfaces such as: canvas, paper, charcoal, and paint; but I also love to experiment. I have used sandpaper as a surface for chalk pastels, created a statement piece using only makeup, animal jawbones as a surface, and metal saw blades.

My observations of movement and shape helps to guide my art into a finished product. I love to learn and realize that art is simply the act of continual practice.

The act of sharing my artistic journey is important. I hope to leave the world a more beautiful place than when I entered. I like to give the viewer pause to think about my work and what message it could hold. I enjoy using bold colors and visible lines to emphasize the composition.

My work is said to have been “visionary and surprising”, and while having some characteristics of folk art, it dares to defy most categories. The art I create is: mysterious, thought-provoking, and unforgettable.


Thank you for visiting,

Erica Knapp


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